Written by Infosys Guys:

1. What is the beautiful girl called in Infosys?
A. Visitor.

2. What happens when all the Infosys girls go on a trip to moon?
A. Average beauty of the earth ncreases

3. What happens when hundred new girls join ?
A. Average beauty of Infosys further decreases.

4. What happens when a Infosys girl has very malignant brain tumor?
A. She will get her knee operated.

5. What happens when two Infosys girls meet generally at fashion show?
A. They will discuss the cause of the two smaller bugs in software.

6. What happens when a Infosys girl contests a fashion show?
A. She will get best possible points in the field of morale boosting.

7. What happens if you present a book named How to fall in love to a Infosys girl?
A. She will use it as a mouse pad.

8. When there is a competition in beauty and two Infosys girl! participate,its called a competition.
A. If a Infosys girl and other outside girl competes, its called overconfidence.

9. What happens when two Infosys girls compete for same guy?
A. He will commit suicide.

10. Where will an infi gal go on a date ???
A. to the library..

Quote: ~~~~~ Generally 99% of the girls in the world are beautiful, rest are in Infosys

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